Open source

Open source

Datasweet s’appuie sur deux composants open-sources robustes et très performants, largement utilisés dans le monde entier, Elasticsearch et Kibana.

En retour, nous mettons à disposition de la communauté certains de nos composants, par exemple Datasweet-formula, et nous contribuons à d’autres projets comme Read Only Rest.


I should make some noise!
Thanks for this swissknife-keep that very good work going on.

YoullNeverSee Datasweet Formula

This plugin is awesome! It makes aggregation metric calculations really simple.

gmatheus Datasweet Formula

Thanks to you and all the lovely people from for this second, very significant contribution.

sscarduzio ReadonlyREST

Thank for your time and this plugin again.

didinyah Datasweet Formula

You saved the day! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for supporting the newest version of Kibana 6.2.4! Merci Beaucoup 🇫🇷

georgezoto Datasweet Formula