solution to manage and share your information with simplicity, speed and relevance.

Thanks to your Datasweet platform, offer rewarding user experiences in a streamlined information system.

Effectively inform your customers.

And increase the perceived value of your offer

Offer agility to your teams. 

Centralized or self-service BI locks the user into predefined tools.

On Datasweet, it is the use that determines the tool.

Streamline your information system.

How to respond to business needs with agility and reduce the complexity of the information system?

The Datasweet platform streamlines your IS.

Change era, better value your data

By combining the reliability and clarity of a data warehouse with the flexibility of self-service data applications.

The best dashboards can’t answer all questions. The sources of data acquisition are multiplying. Business workflows must better integrate information into action. Data virtualization enabled by Datasweet helps you get the most value from your data, simplifies its use, and saves you money.

Our mission

We make life easier for decision-makers who turn their data into value.

Our SaaS data platform is the best solution for ETI and SME decision makers who want an efficient tool with a rapid ROI, and not a collection of underused and overpaid software.

Commitment to results

Specialized apps

Really all inclusive

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Management of legal budgets

overhaul of the statistical system

Generation of business documents

Can we make you stronger ? 

Some situations which suggest that you will gain in performance with Datasweet.


The BI team is overwhelmed with requests. The trades use the D system and Excel. The workload is multiplied, the errors too.

First-generation centralized BI is outdated.

It's frustrating and expensive

The unique tool

Informing everyone with the same tool (Excel, powerBI, Tableau ...) turns out to be unsuccessful; the tool does not adapt to all users. 75% of us can't find it.

Adoption is low because usage should dictate the tool.


The information circulates badly.

Answering everyday questions requires several sources, manipulations and many frustrations.

The effectiveness of the teams is constrained.

It's complicated

Every evolution involving a new source of data turns into a nightmare.

The BI process is too complex.


Excel is an official information medium? Too much time is spent reprocessing data manually. Mistakes are likely.

 It's costly, risky and automatable.

Are you concerned?

Discover the potential of a data platform

Multiple truths

Self-service BI is reaching its limits. Too much autonomy has led to parallel productions of the same metric, with different results.

Who has the truth?

Pouvons-nous vous rendre plus forts ? 

Quelques situations qui suggèrent que vous gagnerez en performance avec Datasweet.

Les délais

L'équipe BI est débordée de demandes. Les métiers font appel au système D.

La BI centralisée de première génération est dépassée.

C'est frustrant et coûteux


Excel est un support officiel d'information?

Beaucoup trop de temps est consacré à retraiter des données manuellement.

C'est coûteux, risqué et automatisable. 

L'outil unique

La bonne idée de départ d'informer tout le monde avec le même outil (powerBI, Tableau...) se révèle infructueuse pour 75% d'entre nous.

L'adoption est faible car l'usage devrait dicter l'outil.

Les vérités multiples

La BI self service atteint ses limites. Trop d'autonomie a conduit à des productions parallèles d'une même métrique, avec des résultats différents.

Qui détient la vérité ? 

Les silos

L'info circule mal.

Répondre aux questions du quotidien requiert plusieurs sources, des manipulations et bien des frustrations.

L'efficacité des équipes est bridée.

C'est compliqué

Chaque évolution impliquant une source nouvelle de données vire au cauchemar.

Votre process BI est trop complexe. 

Vous êtes concernés?

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Datasweet is easily integrated

Quick implementation for visible short-term effects, without breaking the existing one.

Turn your business ideas into apps offering a great user experience. Serve your customers better. Promote your image.

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Monitor your performance indicators in real time, anticipate problems and easily isolate the causes.

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