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Datasweet Formula

Datasweet Formula makes it possible to calculate a metric in real time, based on any existing metrics, in a Kibana standard vizualisation. It allows to create pretty much any calculation, from simple ratios to more complex, chained treatments.



Select the metrics you need as input to your formula, then :

  • Add new metric > select Datasweet Formula
  • Type your formula in the input textbox as follow : aggX + aggY, where X and Y are the #id attributed by Kibana to the metric you want as input.
  • You can apply functions to your calculation : avg(aggX + aggY)
  • Functions are chainables : floor(avg(aggX + aggY))
  • You can use a previously set formula as input for a new one.


Datasweet Formula is built on Javascript Expression Evaluator by Silent Matt.

Questions ? problems ? suggestions ?

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, please create a GitHub Issue.